Young Adults


Who Are We Talking About?

Unaccompanied homeless youth are young people age 24 and under who are not in the care of a parent or guardian and who lack safe, stable housing. In 2018, more than 3,500 unaccompanied youth were identified as living on their own and without consistent access to shelter in Massachusetts.

  • According to the most recent Youth Count, approximately 1/5 are staying in places not intended for human habitation.
  • 1/4 of this vulnerable population identifies as LGBTQ+.
  • Other overrepresented and vulnerable populations include youth of color, youth in foster care, immigrant youth, and survivors of abuse and neglect.

And in Massachusetts schools, more than 23,500 students are estimated to be experiencing some form of homelessness—an increase from previous school years.  It is important to note that youth experiencing homelessness, especially when they are on their own, are systemically undercounted. What we do know is that their numbers are growing, and that their needs go largely unmet. (Credit to Massachusetts Appleseed)

If you are between the ages 16-24 and need help with job applications, resume writing, interviewing or coming up with a plan for your future, See Masshire South Shore's Youth Services Program here for valuable resources or contact them for more information! (Credit to Masshire)

If you are a young adult in the greater Quincy area who needs more information on the South Shore's Youth Services program, please contact Lisa McCarthy at and if you are in the greater Brockton area please reach out to Stacey Walker at

Youth may access any of the coordinated access points for adult individuals or families. In addition, both Father Bill’s Place and MainSpring House shelters offer a youth protocol to make emergency shelter more accessible to youth, and the Network conducts outreach to South Shore youth service providers to encourage referrals.

Resources directed for young adults can also be found in greater detail at The Rising Together Initiative, a program designed to aid homeless and at-risk youth and young adults

For information regarding Brockton Public Schools, please contact Karen McCarthy at 508-580-7561 or You may also see their website here

List of Resources for Homeless and At-Risk Young Adults in the South Shore:

The Charity Guild: Food pantry based in Brockton -

 RAFT Program: Financial assistance during COVID, see the Emergency Rent Arrears/Mortgage Assistance tab under "Emergency Resources" for more information.

How to apply for a Stimulus Check as a non-tax filer:

 Homeless Education Liaison Contact List:

MassHire South Shore Workforce Board [Quincy and Plymouth area]

YouthWorks – MassHire Greater Brockton Workforce Board [Brockton area] Reach out for open positions and programming – Mike Joseph at

Family and Community Resources

FCR is now HIRING for a DV Economic and Empowerment Specialist -see attached Job Description

Inquiries into any of FCR's programs can be called into their hotline 508-583-6498.

  • Emails relating to DV Advocacy can be sent to
  • Emails relating to Housing can be sent to This includes any questions regarding their Rapid Re-housing program for survivors of domestic violence.  See attached flier for more information.
  • Emails relating to Community Education/Training can be sent to

School on Wheels

Email Barbara Fox [], Director of Community Outreach, for school supplies

Children facing homelessness throughout the Commonwealth receive new backpacks and customized, grade-level books and school supplies.

Map Academy

Map Academy is a charter public high school located in Plymouth, MA, designed to serve students for whom traditional school has not worked, including youth who have dropped out or are at risk of leaving school without a diploma. Map Academy offers a flexible, student-centered experience rooted in a culture that amplifies student strengths, acknowledges life’s realities, helps students navigate them, and sets each student on a path to graduate ready for life after high school.  If you are working with a young adult 18-24 year old who does not have a diploma you can make an application on their website. For additional information, email Maxanne Wordell - -

 Job Corps

Job Corps Centers are currently closed until further notice. If you are or know a young adult interested in participating in the Job Corps program, contact Alicia Lewis at 857-891-0112 for more information.

The Massachusetts Unaccompanied Homeless Youth Commission exists to study and make recommendations regarding services for unaccompanied youth and young adults experiencing homelessness in Massachusetts and to ultimately provide comprehensive and effective responses to the unique needs of this population. ( See their website here for resources and more information. To see a comprehensive list of regional homeless youth providers in the State of Massachusetts, see here.

Massachusetts Appleseed is an organization that is dedicated to working to solve broad, systematic problems. They are working to “build a society in which opportunities are genuine, access to the law is universal and equal, and government advances the public interest.” Click here for more information on their upcoming Homeless Youth Handbook and to see the handbooks for other states, along with Mass Appleseed’s Homeless Services Directory.

The Massachusetts Coalition for The Homeless exists to tackle problems related to homelessness concerning families and individuals within the State of Massachusetts. They provide up-to-date news and resources with a large focus on youth and young adults. See their website here for more information!

The Massachusetts Department of Mental Health has created a Young Adults resource page that provides youth with current, comprehensive resources to help them as they transition into adulthood, and assist them with their recovery and rehabilitation ( See their website here for more information!

Aunt Bertha: For immediate access to food, shelter, or other resources throughout the South Shore, see Aunt Bertha on our homepage or at

Massachusetts 2-1-1: You can also find a detailed list of resources for youth in Massachusetts on the Massachusetts 2-1-1 HelpSteps page that can be accessed from our homepage or by clicking the link here